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H 2000 Flex® is our best 10,3 mm product for high frequency.


H2000 Flex was developped in 1995 from both, Friedrich Kusch and Belden Europe.

It has a 2,62 mm central conductor and is isolated with a special water proof foam which enables very low attenuations.

 H2000 Flex is waterproof.

H 2000 Flex is double screened by a plastic coated copper foil and a braid.

The cable construction allows a very small bending radius of only 50 mm.

No cost has been spared on copper. H 2000 Flex® contains 73 g/m of copper.

Due to this high copper rate we have the lowest attenuations of all 10,3 mm cables.

We also developped a wide range of premium quality connectorsfor H 2000 Flex and all our other cables.

(e.g. N; BNC; TNC; SMA; UHF-Norm)

and to make it even easier for our customers.

We have made a step by step picture assembly guide on how to correctly assemble our cables and connectors.


Please understand that our price list is only for private customers .


For orders and enquiries from commercial, industry, government or department customers

please mail us under

 Or call us from  Mo-Thur from 8.30 - 16.00 CET and Fr. from 8.30  - 14.30 CET

under 0049 231 25 72 41      Fax  0049 231 25 23 99


All cables can be cut to the length and the amount that you need with no extra charges for cutting the cable.


We assemble all types of coax cables with connectors, made to your own personal specifications:

You decide the type and length of the cable.
You decide the norm of the connector. BNC, TNC, SMA, N, UHF, 7/16.

And we assemble them for you.

Friedrich Kusch was founded in 1961, and with 54 years of experience under our belts and our amateur radio licenses.

 We really do understand what you are talking about and we do know how to solve your problems.

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Your Kusch Team.